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Get your latest fashion apparel from TheFashionMob now!

Mode of Payment

1. iBanking/Funds Transfer via ATM

- Make the bank transfer (Bank account details will be provided in our reply email). After successfully transferring the funds, email us the transaction ID(iBanking transfer) / reference number(ATM transfer) and full amount paid to thefashionmob@live.com.sg


2. Paypal

*Please note that there is an extra charge of 4% for all Paypal payments. This is solely absorbed by Paypal.*

- Please email me at thefashionmob@live.com.sg for the email address to make payment to.

- After successfully transferring the funds, email us the Unique Transaction ID and the full amount paid at thefashionmob@live.com.sg


3. Meet-up for collection of payment (For sprees only)

- Do take note that payment has to be made to TheFashionMob first, before orders are made to the particular merchant.

- After filling in the spree order form, do email us at thefashionmob@live.com.sg to inform us that you would like to pay via meet-up. Then we will arrange for a suitable date and time (:

Mode of Delivery

1. Normal Postage - Additional of $1.20 is to be added to each piece of apparel.

2. Registered Postage - Additional of $2.50 is to be added. A tracking number will be provided.

3. Meet-ups - Free Of Charge, only at AMK Hub or AMK MRT Station.


November 20, 2010


We're back for good!

after a long hiatus...

and we've decided to revamp our store!

So we're clearing all instocks and will be handling sprees and pre-orders suggested by you guys (:


To celebrate our return, discounts will be given (of course),

for every 1st piece purchased, you will be entitled to 10% discount

2nd to 3rd piece - 20% off total purchase

4th piece onwards - 25% off total purchase

In addition, you will be given FREE REGISTERED POSTAGE!


For quick orders, text me at 91394569 in the following format:

- Item Code, Price, Quantity (Do the same if there's a 2nd piece and so on..)

- Registered/Normal Postage

- Mailing Address

after confirming your order and payment is made, we will post your items the next day =]

April 13, 2010

YES! We've made it even more affordable for you!

Forever 21 spree charges revised(for the better, of course :D)!

Now its even cheaper for you =]

It used to be like this....

[Total number of units * S$2.00]

S$2.00 being the shipping and handling fee.

Small accessories (Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces) – 1 unit each
Other Accessories (Sunglasses, Watches, Wallets, Pouches, Scarves) – 1.5 units each
Tees, Shorts, Vests, Skirts, Thin Cardigan, Belts – 2 units each
Long Sleeved Tops, Polos,  Berms, Dresses, Small bags – 2.5 units each
Hoodies, Jackets, Jeans, Shoes, Bigger-sized bags/Backpacks – 3.5 units each

so, imagine if you were to order a pair of Vintage Boots from Forever21 that cost USD32.00...

This would be the calculation of what you'd have to pay,

[USD32.00 * 1.45] + [3.5units * S$2.00] = S$53.40


Now, we are charging you guys a FLAT RATE of S$3.00 for shipping and handling fee at ANY item you order.

so if you were to buy that pair of boots, you'd only have to pay S$3.00 for the shipping and handling charges, instead of the previous amount of S$7.00!

But, there is no such thing as free lunch in this world of course, we do have one condition, that is, to cap at 20 items before sending in your orders to Forever 21.

Therefore, do help us to spread word regarding this new shipping and handling charge to all your friends!


Hope we did improve your shopping experience =]

With love,


P/S: *psst* don't forget our instocks promo at the right sidebar! >>>>>

too good to miss!

April 09, 2010



Buy 5 pieces and get the 6th free!
and the best part is.... you can combine the two promotions stated above!
so hurry get your pretty apparel now!

PLEASE see the sidebar on the right for more information.


April 02, 2010

Oh no!

There has previously been an error regarding the order forms. Therefore, we have switched the type of order forms being used.

TheFashionMob sincerely apologize to all customers who've recently filled in the order forms and gotten no response from us.

Kindly fill in the new type of order form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Cheers! =)


March 20, 2010

Would you like us to open US sprees?

If you've selected yes, please suggest a few sprees you'd like us to open under the 'Post New Comment' section below. Thank you!

March 18, 2010

What do you do now that you're here in TheFashionMob? Well, we all know we're here for a purpose. That is to shop, shop & SHOP !

Get apparels of the latest styles and fashion at TheFashionMob at unbeatable retail prices.

To start off, you may browse our collections by clicking the above navigations (Dresses, Blouses etc).

You will also be glad to know that we are currently having a Opening sale promotion!!

To participate in this promo, simply click on 'Advertisements' above in the navigation bar,

click on TheFashionMob's Facebook page and become a fan!

There you go, 10% discount on all apparel(: Limited time only! Promo ends on 25th March.

Happy shopping!

With lots of love from,


P/S: Once you have 'Become a Fan' of TheFashionMob, when filling in the Order Form, kindly indicate your Facebook name under 'Remarks', so you could be rewarded with the 10% discount!

Current Promos!

1st piece - 10% off

2nd to 3rd piece - 20% off

4th piece onwards - 25% off


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